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2018 Limited Releases

Our suppliers have all launched their limited releases for 2018/2019.  Be sure to check out their selections HERE

See something you like? Reach out and Pre-order them!  We’ll add your name to the order list, when they are released – pop into the shop to pay for them.  ONE of you will be the lucky WINNER of your chosen kit*! A little thanks from us for taking the time to pre-order 🙂

EVEN better, if you order AND pre-pay for your selection, we’ll give you 25% off the kit price! Awesome, right?!

We are also running a social media contest we’re calling #DearWine

It’s story time folks.

Imagine you are a bottle of wine, who’s hit a bit of a slump, and could use a pick-me-up…..  Maybe its 2004, Sideways (the movie) is wildly popular & you’re Merlot; people are just not that into you. Perhaps you’re a Chardonnay in need of a boost because no one wants you to be oaky any more.  Or imagine that you’re a Moscato, who enters the party and 90% of the room gasp at how darn sweet you are.

Go ahead, tell us the story about your wine loves, laughs, tragedies or whatever.  Share it on Facebook or Instagram with the #DearWine.  Charmaine and a carefully selected (possibly tipsy) jury will curate these stories, selecting the very best and the winner will receive one of the AMAZING limited releases* available in the coming months.  Remember that pictures say 1000 words, so be sure to include them 🙂  Have fun…we are SO EXCITED to hear what you have to say!

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*Our OnPremiseProduction fee will still apply.