Free Wine Tastings

Free Wine Tastings2018-01-28T22:02:40+00:00

Free wine?!

Yeah…you read that right!

These tastings are done in our own private home and are totally free! We will review the basics of wine tasting, reference some materials purchased from the folks over at WineFolly  – a MOST excellent site for everything you’ll ever want to experience wine.  We’ll also pair some wine with food to fully understand how food and wine belong together.

Charmaine will be your guide, she’s a lot of fun & LOVES to entertain!  Having recently achieved her Level 1 Certification from Wine and Spirit Education Trust, she is finding these tastings really help deepen her understanding of the wines we make.

They take about 2 hours start to finish, allowing enough time to have dinner and maybe head out for more socializing after!  Of course we encourage drinking responsibly, so each of the wines tasted will be less than one ounce servings, which means you’ll have consumed less than 6oz of wine over a 2 hour window.

Drop us a line if you’d like to attend one, held the last Saturday every month.