Depending on the wine you choose, it will take between 4 and 8 weeks to complete the wine making process.

We offer a wine for every budget! Basic 4 week kits start at $115 and Ultra Premium kits will cost around $250.  Now, we’re not allowed to advertise how much each bottle costs, but we CAN tell you each batch makes about 30 bottles.  Got that math figured out yet? Yeah….its THAT affordable.

No…and yes….and no.  Since we are making the wine for YOU, each batch of wine is owned by the individual – so we have no wine onsite that is available for sampling. It’s simply against the rules and we’d get into big trouble.  What you can try, is wine that a friend has made.  We often invite our friends over to enjoy wine together. We should totally be friends.

Our on-site production fee includes all taxes, stock labels, corks and shrink wraps. Oh…and wine.  Lots of wine. Like 23L of it!

The alcohol levels varies by style, but range from 11% to 14.5%.  Some specialty dessert wines are as high as 17% and some fruit wines are 6%.

Quality in wine is such an individual, subjective description.  We can say that our suppliers source juice and concentrates from all over the world, who follow the same process as a winery, but on a much smaller scale.  For the best result, allow your wine to age in the bottle – the longer you wait the better it will become, within limits.  We recommend consuming the wine within a year – two at the most.  See our sulphites question for more info on this.

We sure can!  Our wines already have much lower levels than that of commercially prepared wines.  While sulphites are a naturally occurring part of wine fermentation, they are often added to extend the length of time wine can be cellared and aged.  Our wines should be consumed within a year due to the reduced sulphites, less so if you make wine without.  On the flip side, if you want to cellar your wine – we can add more to facilitate.

The wine kits we offer make around 30-750ml bottles – or 60 375ml bottles.  If you make Sherry, Port or Ice Wine, one kit makes 30-375ml bottles or 15-750ml bottles.

We offer dry and off-dry wines, high and low tannin, or varying degrees of acidity.  We can help you choose a wine that’s as dry or as sweet as you like. If you know what your taste preferences are (or are not) don’t worry – we’ll fit you with a variety that’s in line with what you enjoy. If you decide to split batches with others – you’ll quickly get to experience lots of varieties.

OMG!  This is the BEST way to experience these wines and is actually how the owner discovered wine-making.  30 bottles of the same variety is a lot for most of us.  It makes perfect sense to share.  We recommend groups of 5 people choose 6 varieties, and will receive 36 bottles (6 of each variety).  On bottling day we put together a little charcuterie, crank up the tunes and get to work.  You’re permitted a small tasting sample at bottling time (we must be responsible and not drive!) so it’s a wonderful way to plan a get together.

Yes! Of course, we have some tips for keeping your bottles in super clean condition.  Most of our happy bottlers bring their own, which can include screw tops.  The only bottles that we cannot accommodate are champagne. And don’t worry if you run out, or lose some along the way, we do (and will always) sell bottles at cost.  In addition, we can also bag wine.

No, please bring clean bottles to your bottling appointment. Our facility is set up to sterilize bottles that are already clean. See our clean bottling strategies for specifics.

We budget about 30 minutes per batch (clean, fill, cork, label & shrinks).  We have 2 bottling machines, so it goes pretty quickly.  We are here to help along the way.  If you don’t want labels or shrinks – it goes much quicker.  Group batches can take up to 2 hours.

Many of our wines are enjoyable immediately after bottling (like our light body and fruit wines).  We do recommend 3+ months of aging, in many cases, longer.  During your bottling appointment, we’ll talk about a tasting strategy!

If you want to spend some quality time assessing your needs without interruption, an appointment is great, though at many times, not necessary.  It’s helpful to call ahead if you know what you want, so we can make sure its in store and can get things started;  you will purchase the batch, sign an agreement and sprinkle the yeast!

You bet we can.  Let us know what your preference & we will make it happen!

Nope.  Sorry.  Once its been bottled (as per our licensing), it’s your wine and must be immediately removed from the shop.  We also reserve the right to dispose of finished product that has been unclaimed for 6 months.

You bet.  Together we can create a memorable experience.  Wine and food belong together (we also recommend lots of laughter).

We’d love to talk to you about tannins, acidity, body, primary and secondary flavours.  Follow us on Facebook, or Instagram!   Or come by and chat, we can put on a cup of coffee or tea & have a great chin wag…  There is SO MUCH TO KNOW!