Business Branding

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Business Branding

Considering wine as the next best branding/marketing technique?  Good idea!  We have yah covered.

We have a number of private business owners who choose to gift wine to their clients.  Realtors, Coaches, Accountants, Consultants (the list goes on) have all leveraged their business brands by creating a unique gift that was crafted by you for them.

Who would want fruit cake at Christmas when they could have WINE?!

Who would want a pen with a logo when they could have WINE with your logo?!

Calendars?  Are we still doing that?

Packages range from $135  to $250 for 30 bottles – got that per bottle math done? Yeah, its probably more affordable than you guessed. Each package comes with custom labels (with your company branding), new bottles, corks and shrinks…oh – and all that lovely wine! Our 6 & 8 week wines really benefit from a few months in bottle before consumption – so be sure to keep that in mind as you consider this wonderful marketing tool.

What about gifting an amazing experience to someone you want to impress? They can make wine….and then have it in their own home? Ummmm….Yes PLEASE!

Whatever your needs are, we can help craft a unique and special product for your clients.  You’re totally OUR clients and that’s when we strive for 🙂