Loyalty & Referral Rewards

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Loyalty Rewards

We love your business! We know that there are other places that offer similar products and service and yet you come back to us, time and time again.  We think that’s pretty special, so we offer our Loyalty Dollars.

For every dollar that you spend on in store kit purchases, 3% will be added to your Loyalty Dollars ‘kitty’, redeemable for future purchases.  There is nothing for you to do, except continue to enjoy these lovely wines!

When you reach a minimum of $75 dollars, you can cash in those dollars towards MORE wine.  Maybe you’d like to upgrade a kit for special occasions, or perhaps you want to gift some wine over Christmas, or a family celebration. You decide how you’d like to spend it!  Its a little something that we think adds up to good stuff, and you only needed to keep buying wine!  Winning!

Referral Rewards

Sharing is caring!!  Because, who wants to drink alone?

When you refer a new customer to Black Tie Wines, you will receive $25 off your next kit purchase.

The friend you refer can choose between new bottles for their first batch, or the same $25 off toward their first purchase.

You will also get high fives, handshakes…..and even hugs!