Bottle Care

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Bottle Care

You wouldn’t make a nice meal and serve it on dirty dishes, right?

Dirty wine bottles can dramatically impact otherwise lovely wine.  It’s important that any residual wine be removed, ensuring no opportunity for bacteria to grow or debris to enter.  Here’s what we suggest:

  • Immediately after finishing a bottle, remove any labels, sticky stuff and shrink wraps
  • Fill with a bit of warm water (like 1/4c), cover the opening with your thumb and shake rigorously for a few seconds and empty
  • Repeat this two more times
  • Put upside down in a dish drainer and allow to dry
  • Store upside down in the wine boxes

Occasionally, bottles might require a deeper clean.  Purchase some Oxy Clean, fill a bathtub with hot water and allow to soak for several hours.  Rinse bottles really well & allow to dry, then store upside down in wine boxes.  This method also works great if you are using commercial wine bottles that have labels.