Legal Customer Responsibilities

Legal Customer Responsibilities2018-01-25T04:02:34+00:00

U-Vin Terms & Conditions (taken from LCBC)

Initial Visit, each customer must: 

  • Pay for all of the ingredients prior to starting the manufacturing process. At a minimum, the payment must be for the cost of the ingredients. You may, if you wish, require payment of the service fee at this time or wait until the product is to be bottled. If the customer brings his or her own ingredients into your establishment, you must require payment of the service fee before beginning the manufacturing process.
  • Sign a declaration that indicates that the product is for their personal use or for use by others at no charge.
    The declaration should be either printed on the invoice or attached to the invoice and should be clearly legible. You must retain the declaration for audit purposes. Sample declaration wording:
    “I, [customer name], on [date] have purchased the ingredients and started the fermentation in order to produce this product for my own personal use or for use by others at no charge. I authorize the operator to hold this product, until my return to bottle and remove the product from the facility.”
  • Add the ingredients necessary to start the fermentation process. The degree of customer involvement will vary depending on the type of product being manufactured and the form it takes. For each of the following product types, the customer must add:
Beer/wine/cider kits or commercially available pre- packaged wort kits Juice/concentrate, water (if required), yeast, and any other necessary ingredients to the fermentation vessel
Pre-made wort under Federal Wort Licence Yeast to the wort (which is prepared by you)

Follow-up Visit:  

  • At a subsequent visit to your UBrew/UVin, each customer must:
  • Wash and sterilize bottles/containers (this step can be performed offsite as well).
  • Remove or deface any commercial winery or brewery labels on bottles. Defacing must include, at a minimum, putting a clearly visible and permanent dark felt pen marking across the label.
  • Bottle and seal the product they started at their earlier visit.
  • Affix labels or other decorative items to bottles, if any.
  • Remove the product from your UBrew/UVin store immediately after bottling. Bottled product cannot be left on
    the premises for any reason, and you are not permitted to deliver a customer’s beer, wine, cider or coolers.

Outside Assistance
The customer may ask for help during the production process from someone not associated with you or your staff (for example, friends and family of legal age may accompany the customer to help him or her complete the required steps).  If the customer is physically incapable of safely performing some of the steps outlined below, you may provide greater assistance. However, we recommend that you tell the customer to bring a friend or family member to help next time.