Caring for your Wine

Caring for your Wine2019-01-14T23:47:24+00:00

How to care for your wine

Once bottled, your wine should remain standing upright for a few days to allow the cork to re-pressurize.  After that, store it on its side, always keeping the cork moist.

Choose a location that has a year round consistent temperature, humidity, and should avoid direct light.  Temperature changes, direct light, movement can all impact the proper development of your wines. Cooler is better (12-14 *C), with relative humidity of 50-70% .

If you have a developed wine collection and are cellaring your wine, be sure to ask about our “button tops” to indicate the variety and bottling date of your wine – it saves having to pull out bottles when you want to consume them.

Now, we know you have all this beautiful wine and we ask you do the hardest part; allow it to develop!  We recommend this, because we know these wines get SO MUCH better!  Many of the 4 week wines are ready immediately after bottling, but still benefit from additional time. This allows the elements of wine to balance and reach it’s perfect potential – this is THE fun part of experiencing wine!

We suggest a strategy: Open a bottle the night (or a few days) after bottling.  Try it.  Do you like it?  Great…enjoy.  If it does not taste exactly how you might like, wait a month…or two, maybe even 3 with some of the full bodied reds.  Then try it again…see?  Better, right?  It was hard, we know…but we know it’s so worth it in the end. We think the sweet spot for 4 week wines is 1-3 months from bottling, 3-9 months for the 6 week wines, and anywhere from 6-9 months for our 8 week wines.

Personally, I’ve got an 8 month old Cabernet Sauvignon from an 8 week kit that I still think needs some time, AND I’ve recently bottled a Viognier Red that is amazing right off the bat.  The key, is that we get the wine home, try it – and then see how we feel about it.

Wines, like people, are living things – some get better with age…