Winemaking Process

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The Wine Making Process

The process is simple, fun, exceptionally affordable – and BEST of all is the amazing taste of our selection of wines!  We are certain you’ll love it! Store bought quality, for a fraction of the price.  Seriously.

Step One:

Identify what varieties you are drawn to.  Do you prefer sweeter whites, big bold reds or do you want something that’s light and easy drinking? We can craft nearly any variety you desire! Once you know what variety you want, its time to decide on the level of kit you want:

4 week and 5 week wines are made from the finest blend of 7.5 to 12L of grape juice and concentrate. They are usually ready to drink a few weeks after bottling.

6 week wines are made from 16L of premium quality grape juice. They are fuller bodied and require a longer aging time (at least 2 to 3 months).

8-week wines are made from 18L of varietal grape juice from country-specific vineyards.  They run fuller body, with the reds holding big tannins and really benefit from 6 – 9 months to develop into lovely balanced wines.

Once you decide on the variety and kit level, you’ll make your purchase.  With this initial visit, we’ll add the contents of your kit to the primary fermentation vessel to start the magic.

Step Two:

This is where we take care of everything.  Your wine is in fantastic hands!  We love what we do – our facility is clean, spacious and fully set up to take care of all this in-between mystery.  We’ll rack, degassing, stabilize and filter your wine.  When its ready, its onto…

Step Three:

You will return to bottle the wine we started.  See our tips on having perfectly clean bottles ready to receive this most precious & delicious magical beverage!  We sell new bottles (always at cost) or we can even bag your wine.  When you arrive, we’ll get the bottles to the wash counter, where they will then be sterilized, filled & corked.  Lots of us love a bottle that looks store bought, or personalized – so now we add this touch.  Many of our kits come with nice labels you’ll affix to the bottles – or you can choose from our board of labels, you can also (for a small fee – or as part of a package) have custom labels made. Finally, we can add matching shrink wraps to the top of each bottle.

Step Four:

Enjoy your WINE!!